Structural Fabrication

Requiem Group have facilities located within the North East to carry out structural fabrication to a number of specifications and industries. 

Requiem Group fabricated high quality structural steelwork in accordance with BS EN 1090  Execution Class 3 and client specifications with our facility certified in accordance with ISO 9001. All fabrication works are tracked electronically and overseen by a dedicated project team to ensure we successfully meet the client's timeline and requirements. 

We have in-house CSWIP 3.2 Senior Welding inspector to manage the inspection and test plan to ensure the quality is maintained throughout the fabrication process. 

Typical Size Range

RG can fabricate structures for small buildings to large scale warehouses from 1tn to 1000tn.

Typical Materials

RG can fabricate with Ferrous S355 materials with our facility having dedicated buildings for the Ferrous and Non Ferrous, ensuring the highest quality standards.